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The Company

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Bind Up Technologies is a company aimed at developing technological solutions and innovation, particularly in the areas of information systems, Custom-made software, internet, statistical study and optimization, educational games and leisure. Knowledge of technological development extends up in the various applicational aspects like software, mobile applications, web applications and computer graphics. Innovation is key in our release process solutions resulting from close collaboration maintained with a high degree of professional competences in various fields of technology in which the company falls. B-Up Technologies aims to develop solutions to keep pace with technological developments in order to identify new goals and opportunities that can associate with our products and services. The company policy is the constant updating of market requirements as to ensure the trust and customer satisfaction. Bind Up Technologies is focused on using all its expertise in its various areas of activity to create a specialization in each of them and make it more efficient projects that require multiple operating cores.

The company mission

Going to the NEXT Level

Values: Innovation, Collaboration, Transparency, Mobility, Reliability, Continuous improvement

Vision: We give comfort and confidence to those who turn to our solutions. We deliver a wide scope in terms of technological knowledge applied to any business

Mission: Continuous development of intelligent, complete solutions that meet the needs of: Users helping professionals to reach their full potential, maximising the potential of negotiating with our customers through competitive pricing, cutting-edge technologies, innovation tools and reliability

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Bind Up Technologies

IPN, Rua Pedro Nunes 3030-199 Coimbra - Portugal

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Email: info@b-up-technologies.com

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